Anyone is free to participate in the 30 Seconds project. I will add everything I receive to the 30 Seconds Vimeo channel, the best ones will be presented here. New editions will be every three months, the next one is launching in July 2016. You are free to work to audio from an existing one, but making something for a future edition is positively encouraged!


"Visualise 30 Seconds of Sound"

Several participants will create a visualisation of the same 30 seconds of audio. You are free to create whatever the soundscape inspires.


You are free to use the audio for non commercial use within the context of this project, I just ask that you share it with me!

Videos on will be hosted on my Freefarm Vimeo account (you will be fully credited).

If possible please wait to publicly share your video until after launch for maximum impact.

You are free to share your film wherever you like but please credit as follows ’Made for the 30 Seconds of Sound Visualised project / Soundtrack by Simon Pyke / ’.

Technical Spec

Full HD 1920 x 1080 (aspect ratio 16:9)
Quicktime .mov with H264 compression
Previews can be smaller


Edition / Wip Deadline / Launch / Download

Edition One / Launched / Download 
Edition Two / Launched / Download 
Edition Three / Launched / Download 
Edition Four / Launched / Download 
Edition Five / Launched/ Download
Edition Six / Launched / Download
Edition Seven / TBC / TBC

Please send me an email and let me know if you want to participate and on which edition so that I can keep you updated on deadlines, press etc.

Have fun!